Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 CWCF CSA Info!

Cold Water Creek Farms will be offering two 15-week CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture) programs for the 2012 growing season. The first (spring / summer) will start in mid-late April and run through the end of July. The summer/ fall CSA will begin in August and run through November. Customer Supported Agriculture is the most direct way to connect the farmers who grow the food with the consumers who eat the food. A full share will be enough food for a family of four, and a half will feed a family of two.

Full details and application can be found here.     

Pick up locations will be on Tuesdays near downtown Concord (492 Sunnyside Drive, 28025) from 5pm to 6pm, Tuesdays in Charlotte at the Atherton Mills Market from 4 – 6pm, and Saturdays at the Davidson Farmers Market from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Shareholders should contact us via e-mail or phone if they will not be picking up their share. All shares not picked up will be donated to the Farmer Food Share program ( The program distributes the food to organizations that serve the hungry and malnourished in over six NC counties. Shareholders will receive their vegetables within 24 hours of harvest. A fresher product provides more nutrition.

You also have the option to add-on other local products to your share. Cackleberry Farms Dairy offers Feta Cheese (4 oz. per week), fresh Eggs (one dozen per week), Yogurt Cheese (8 oz. per week Greek Style), and Butter (1/2 lb. per week) for $ 70.00 for each item. You will receive this item for the length of the CSA. Another option is to receive a Cackleberry Farms variety pack which includes Feta cheese, Yogurt cheese, Queso Fresco, Farmstead cheese, and Butter. With this option, you would receive each of these items 3-4 times throughout the 15 week CSA, receiving a different product each week.

As a shareholder of CWCF CSA you are sharing in the risk of farming. The inherent risks include, but are not limited to: environmental conditions such as weather, crop failure, pest (deer, insects, etc.) Also shareholders may benefit from bumper crops. For example, in last year’s CSA program, there was an abundance of peppers and okra, and shareholders received more than usual. On the other side, our summer squash crop was unfortunately destroyed by squash vine bore.

As an example, a typical weekly full share includes items such as: 1.5lbs okra, two red peppers, two purple peppers, a basil bunch, five onions, one head of garlic, one eggplant, 1lb grapes, several tomatoes, one watermelon, two hot wax peppers, and three pimentos. A half share would consist of: 1lb okra, one red pepper, two purple peppers, a basil bunch, three onions, one head of garlic, 1lb grapes, and two pimentos.

About CWCF: We have over 16 years of farming experience. We believe that growing organically without chemicals is the most sustainable thing for our earth, our bodies, and for the future generations. Brad has over 13 years of organic growing experience. He started by growing cut flowers, and then progressed to vegetables. Brad is also a founding member of New River Organic Growers. Brad operated Lily Patch Farm near Boone, NC for nine years before moving to Cabarrus County five years ago. He has a five year old son named Corbin.

Eric has a degree in Food Science from N.C. State University and has been growing for as long as he can remember. Eric lives in Concord with his patient and loving wife Amanda. Their family includes four cats and four dogs.

CWCF is currently farming in Cabarrus County at the century old Melchor Farm. You can find us daily at 2151 Bethlehem Church Road Gold Hill, NC 28071.

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