Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CSA Week #11

Apologies for the late email.  Its been a long week here at the farm. Hope everyone enjoyed their share last week.  The heat is slowing all the crops down to a crawl, along with Eric and I.  The only crops that are enjoying the heat is the okra and melons.  We are finally starting to see blooms on the eggplant so hopefully we will start having them in your shares by August.  We finished the onion harvest this week, and they should be cured within the next week.  Then it will be time to trim the tops and roots off.  We are in the peak of our tomato harvest this week so be prepared for lots of tomatoes this week.  We planted some more muscadine grapes this past week, and if you are still a CSA member in 5 years you can expect to receive the new crop of grapes.  Our existing muscadine grapes are looking good and members should expect to start receiving them the first week of August.  We plan to plant eating pumpkins this week for a late October harvest.  The sweet potatoes are starting to run and soon the vines will completely cover the rows.  This week, according to share size, members can expect to receive okra, green beans, a lot of tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and sweet corn. 

New recipes will return next week! 

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