Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CSA Week#3/18

As seems to be the story for us this year we are in need of rain, but at least we have some moisture deep in the ground. Fall plantings are continuing this week with another round of broccoli, kohl-rabi,  kale, swiss chard, bac choi, and collard greens.  Last week we worked about 5 acres of ground for fall planting, and we planted carrots, mizuna (asian green), mustard greens, radishes, rutabaga, lettuce, and tat-soi.  We are grateful to have all of you as members and hope you have been enjoying your share.  This year has been more diverse for us with additions of new crops, and more acres.  This years watermelon crop is coming to an end, and this will be the last week for watermelons.  Thanks to those who saved seeds for next years crop. 
As for this week members can expect to receive;  eggplant, okra, onions, garlic, watermelon, peppers, grapes, celery, black eyed peas, and cooking apples (great for applesauce, not eating).
Recipes will be posted later this week.

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